Used Golf Clubs Buying Guide

By Amit Kheterpal

Used Golf Clubs: Golf equipment can get expensive as you start buying more and more branded golf equipment. In this era of recessionary trends the option that you have is to buy used golf equipment and that will help you save enormous sums of money over a period of time.

Golf clubs is an expensive item within the golf equipment set that can be bought used and there are several on-line and offline shops that sell used glob club sets or even used clubs. These shops sell branded and high end golf sets at a discount to the original prices as these are pre-owned. But there are certain things that you should be careful about before you go ahead and start looking for used equipment.

Golfers know that grooves on a golf club are what is really needed for a golf ball to be driven further and with a spin. That means that when you start your hunt for golf club or club sets then you need to buy clubs that have good club face which means that they have good grooves on the club face.

The next important area for golf club is the shaft and the shaft needs to be closely inspected when buying the used golf clubs . Close inspection is a must for the shafts as the cracks in the shaft may not be easily detected with the naked eye. There are two types of shaft available which are graphite shaft and the metal shaft. Each has its own characteristics and you need to be aware of the way they work so as to eliminate any chances that you will get a faulty shaft when buying the used golf clubs.

The golf club is held with a grip on the top of the golf club and that grip can be an important factor for you as a golfer. If the grip is worn and damaged then my suggestion would be to try buying the new one or try some other used club.

If you are buying on-line then get the pictures of the club face , shaft and the grip individually so that you are reasonably sure about the quality of the golf club you are buying. Also make sure that you have the right to return if you do not find the club satisfactory. It will save you a lot of agony and hassle later.

Buying used golf clubs is definitely a money saver but there are some risks attached to it.