Used Golf Clubs Tips For Choosing The Perfect Clubs

Used Golf Clubs Ok, so you would like to begin golfing. All of you buddies do it, your wife has even done it, but you cannot bring yourself to buy an expensive pair of new golf clubs, I know. A new pair of golf clubs is not essential to a good golf game, in fact most people opt for used clubs anyway. With the professional golf circuit and those rich guys who buy new clubs every couple of months simply to one up their friends who belong to a country club that happens to have a course, most used golf clubs are in great shape. New golf clubs need to be broken in, used ones are ready to be played with and you are actually at an advantage when you purchase used clubs because essentially they have been safety tested and had some real course experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering whether or not you should purchase a set of used golf clubs.

Tip #1-Check out the grips! The handle is one of the most important parts of the club if the handle is worn or uncomfortable it could affect your game. Are the grips leather? Do the grips have lacing or threading that is degraded?

Tip#2-Check the shaft! The shaft is going to determine how true your shot is and whether the ball does what you tell it to do, or the case of a slightly crooked shaft what you think you are telling it to do. Is the club shaft bent? Does it look like the club shaft was bent and crudely corrected? Are there any visible divots or intents in the club shaft? Does it feel smooth?

Tip#3-Check the heads! Here in conjunction with the shaft the head of a golf club is an important part of accuracy. A loose head can retard the shot only by a few centimeters but translated into hundreds of yards the difference is detrimental to your game. Do the heads wobble or wiggle? Can you see where someone seems to have repaired the head? Are their chips in the head?

Tip #4-Check the size! Seemingly the most obvious but the most forgettable. Size does matter! If your six feet tall and you purchase a set of used clubs they may be a different size, they may be a custom size that is uncommon. One more thing that could negatively affect your game.

Pay attention to these four small tips and buying a set of used golf clubs should be a beneficial experience. Pay attention to the details of the clubs and avoid clubs that simply look nice and shiny. These are most likely going to be your clubs for a good while, so you'll want to find a set that will suit your needs. A man's club is his partner in the game of golf, pick your partner carefully.