Five Reasons Used Golf Clubs are Better than New

Used Golf Clubs You've been using borrowed clubs to play, and you've finally decided you need to buy your own. You offer to buy the clubs you've been using, but the owner declines because of emotional attachment to the clubs that they've never used and are currently sitting in your garage. You now have a choice, go to the pro-shop and buy brand new clubs or buy used clubs. Many will tell you buying used is only inheriting someone else's problem, but that's not true with golf clubs.

1) Many people will be happy to get rid of their practically brand new clubs as soon as possible and any price.

People start golf for status or a job and quickly give up the game. This is one of the greatest reasons to buy used golf clubs. Many bought the best set they could afford, and now just want to get rid of them because they are taking up space or they are getting flack from their spouse.

2) Many of these great used golf clubs deals will come with every accessory and gadget that was available for them to buy, at no cost to you.

Because you are doing them a favor and relieving them of this headache, they will happily throw in all the expensive accessories.

3) The selection is huge compared to the limited only new clubs that the shops offer.

You have the pick of years and years of clubs that have been made. Do the research and find what clubs that have been made in the last 10 years you like the best for your game, and go find those instead of being pressured into the newest fad of a club.

4) When you buy the same club used, the seller's price is going to be closer to the original manufacture cost.

By the time a club hits a pro shop it has been marked up by the manufacturer, the distributor, the sales agent, and the shop. These markups go up even higher if a pro has endorsed or used the club.

5) If you buy it used the club is ready and the sweet spot is well defined.

When a manufacture makes a club, it is to withstand the tests of time. Every sales person will tell you that you have to use a club a few times to work out the kinks, or to tailor it to your swing.

At the end of the day it all comes down to your game and the money in your pocket. By buying used golf clubs you can get good sets from people who just want to get rid of their clubs, escape the markups; get a number of expensive accessories, a seasoned club that is ready to play and a huge selection to choose from. So, when you're in line to tee and someone compliments your great set of clubs, you can smile knowing that there's no reason to buy brand new clubs.