Used Golf Clubs Key Facts To Check Before You Buy.

By Martin Haworth,

Used golf clubs are available all over the place and give you the chance to try golfing inexpensively. If you do not stick with it you are not out as much money.

If you are a regular golfer you can usually find some nice used clubs that are the same as the new set you have been eyeing at the store - and with a significantly reduced price.

Used Clubs - What You Must Check First

If you decide to buy some used clubs there are some things you should check out before purchase.

First check the grips. The grips should not be to worn or cracked. If you buy clubs with bad grips and have to regrip them it kind of ruins the whole good deal. Gripping done by a professional can add up to fifteen dollars per club.

The second thing to check out when buying used club's is the shafts. You should twist the head and the grip in opposite directions - it should show good resistance. Eye the club straight out in front of you to check for any bending.

Third, check out the club heads. Make sure the club head is not too worn. There will probably be some wear but as long as the grooves are still defined and there are no indentations they should be fine.

Buying Online Is A Great Deal

Used golf clubs are all over the internet. From e-Bay to private dealers and even the big dogs sell used sets. Make sure you check the price of the same site as new to see if you are getting a good deal. Of course, one problem with buying used clubs online is that you cannot test them.

You can't swing them around and get a feel for them. This is not to say that you should not purchase used club's online, it's best to just exercise a little caution.

Insist on a picture of each club in the set lined up so you can be sure they are all from the same set. Some of you may not be to worried about all the above concerns since you only play occasionally for fun. If you want to buy previously owned golf clubs and get a lot of use out of them, do check them carefully before you buy wherever possible.

Look For A Good Reputation

Used golf clubs on the market are generally a good deal and in good shape. Deal with someone who has a good reputation and you will do just fine.

There are some really fantastic deals out there and with some time and patience you can find the right set for you.

One last note on previously owned golf clubs is the putter. You may want to consider investing in a really good putter that suits you personally, by working with a retailer to locate just the right one for you. Putting is frustrating enough without using the right equipment for you.

Have fun finding your used golf clubs and enjoy the game.