Used Golf Clubs - Going The Used Club Route

By James Beckett

Used Golf Clubs - It's easy for new golfers to go on a bit of a shopping spree when they get into golf shops and see all the great stuff they can buy to support their new passion for golf. This urge in new golfers to spend top money for top of the line golf clubs seems to come from a mistaken idea that owning expensive clubs by itself will make them good golfers. But the truth is getting started on a good set of used clubs makes a lot of sense.

The investment of getting into golf can be considerable so you can keep your expenses reasonable at first by getting used golf clubs. Then when you have your own clubs but your investment is reasonable, you can play around with playing the game but you have the liberty to lose interest. And even if you do cool on the game, you can always pass the used clubs along to another new golfer to try out. But maybe the biggest advantage of starting out with inexpensive equipment is you can get oriented to the game and the equipment and then make better purchase decisions when you decide you are going to be a serious golfer.

Even before starting to shop for used golf clubs, don't put your money down until you play a few weeks using rental clubs that you can get at a driving range. You can rent a set for a month or so and use the same set so you are not always getting oriented to new clubs each time you play. And you get to know the game and how you want the clubs to feel in your hands when you do start shopping for a beginner's set to own. Not only that, getting to know the shops that rent clubs is a good move because they often sell off their sets to buy new equipment and you can get some good deals that way.

Even when you start shopping for a used set of clubs to make your starter set, it's a great idea to seek out some wise counsel about the purchase. Knowing how to evaluate clubs will help you avoid the disaster of paying money for clubs that are a terrible fit to your style of play. So work with your golf instructor or pros at the shop you are familiar with because he can give you a list of criteria so you have some guidelines when you shop for your first set of clubs. Then when you do buy, you will feel like you were an informed consumer rather than buying out of ignorance.

A factor that is hard to quantify that makes one set of clubs better for you than another is how they feel when you actually use them playing golf. That is why when you visit a golf shop, you always see shoppers taking out golf clubs and doing test swings or putts with them right there is the shop. But to know if the club feels right, you need to have enough experience with golf to even know how it is supposed to feel. But above all playing with each club should be comfortable, you should not feel ill at ease using it and the club should be a tool for you to be a success with golf, not a hindrance.

One obvious criteria for judging even used golf clubs is the quality of their construction. The head of each used golf clubs is a great example because they should be quality stainless steel as opposed to a cheaper alloy head that won't serve well long term. There are some excellent design innovations that you can look for in a starter set of golf clubs which include cavity backed golf clubs so named because the back of the head is hollowed out and perimeter weighted clubs. But clubs that have extended heads are a great choice as well because they help you refine your game and get better shots early on. You can then switch to normal sized used golf clubs when you are ready to put your starter set aside.

Obviously other parts of the club like the shaft and the grip are important to your game as well. The club should feel light and comfortable in your hands and the shaft is a big part of that balance. Graphite makes a good golf club shaft material for this reason. But when you are evaluating used golf clubs, you will be naturally drawn to look at the grip because how you hold the club is so important to a good shot. Don't panic if the grips are a bit worn out on the used clubs you like because that can be easily repaired and made good as new for you. By evaluating all of these parts of the club as a unit, you can decide if this is the set of starter clubs you want to buy.

It's pretty exciting to shop for that first set of your own golf clubs but it is also a little scary. But by having some ways to evaluate the clubs as we have discussed and with your list of questions your golf pro gave you in your back pocket, you can shop smart and get a great starter set of clubs. So when you test swing each club in the set and know what you are looking for and you can discuss the pros and cons of the set with the club owner, you will be confident in your decision when the process is done whether that decision is to buy the clubs or let them pass and keep on looking.