What to look for when buying Used Golf Clubs

By Golf Guy

Used Golf Clubs - If you're a new golfer or just someone who is looking to save some money, buying used clubs can really save you a bundle. With so many places to my buy used clubs, you can sometimes find real good name brand clubs at a fraction of what they cost new.

Before purchasing the club, it is a good idea to look at the club head for signs of excessive wear. If you see a brightly worn spot where the club strikes the ball, then the clubface will not make good contact with the ball and will effect the distance of the ball travel. You should be able to see grooves that have defined edges on the face of the club. This will assure you have good contact between the club and the ball.

Check the shafts of the used golf clubs for worn areas or indentations. Look down the shaft and make sure it has not been bent or twisted. You can test the torque by twisting the grip and the head in opposite directions. If you meet very little resistance while twisting, then it is a sign of shaft weakness and should be avoided.

Both graphite and metal clubs are solid clubs to have. If you want a lighter club, then graphite is probably a good choice. Your style of play should be your guide for choosing the right club for you. Choose the type of club that feels best when you're out on the course using it.

Clubs made from aluminum are nice and light, but they are more susceptible to wear and might not be the better choice when buying used clubs. Metal is more solid than most of the alloy clubs and will probably be in a better used condition.