Can Used Golf Clubs Really Save You Money

By Zachary Skinner

Choosing to buy used golf clubs is an affordable way to take part in a game that has been a favorite for centuries. Shopping online to buy used clubs is an economical way to equip your family to spend regular quality time together on the golf course. It has also become a game of the people, not one that belongs to the upper classes, which is why it's so easy to find and buy used clubs at reasonable prices.

If you know what brand and model of clubs you're shopping for, or find a set you like that is no more than a couple years old, check to see if the set is being sold new and what the prices are. In such cases, new clubs can cost as little or less than used clubs. If you are shopping in person (as opposed to online), ask to demo the clubs. You would probably choose an alloy head if you were buying new, but with used clubs, it makes sense to consider steel.

Each used club has its own rating which lets you know what condition your club is in before you buy it. Condition is one of several factors that contributes to the overall value of a used golf clubs . Naturally a golf club that is in nearly new condition would tend to yield a higher price than a golf club that has clearly been used for several seasons.

Metal woods with steel heads tend to hold up better over time than metal woods with alloy heads, because most alloy heads will include softer aluminum. Shallow face metalwoods and hybrids are the biggest game improvement clubs on the market today.

The PGA recognizes that a credible and continually updated national golf club value guide is a key influencer toward making a more efficient secondary golf club market, and thereby contributes to lowering the affordability barrier to entry into golf, effectively bringing more golfers to the game. Most importantly, it provides a resource for assigning a value to a used golf clubs trade-in. Retailers are not obligated to honor the Trade-In values, or assign the Re-Sale values, shown in The PGA.

The Re-Sale value is the price for which a golfer or retailer may reasonably expect to sell a used golf club(s) privately or through a retail shop. The Re-Sale value applies to both the on-line and off-line retail environments.