Putting Lessons That Will Improve Your Stroke

By Max Johnson

Putting Lessons - We have all heard the expression that you drive for show and putt for dough. If this is really the case why are most golf lessons given on the driving range and not the putting green?

I understand that it is much more fun to walk out onto the driving range and bang as many balls as you can as far as you can. I get it. I really do. However, I am getting tired of going through rounds with students and it usually comes down to putting that would have lowered their score and not a towering 300+ yard drive.

So with all of that being said, what do you need to do to improve your putting is the next logical question. Here are five putting golf lessons for you:

Make Time The rule of thumb on practice time is that you would spend half of your practice time on your short game, which includes putting, and the other half on your full swing. It is a simple equation. For example if you go to practice for one hour, 30 minutes of the driving range and 30 minutes chipping and putting.

The Putting Grip The grip you take on your putter should be different from the one that you take with your iron or your driver. First of all, the putter grip typically is flat on one side. Both of your thumbs should sit on top of the putter grip. In effect, this will allow the putter shaft and your forearm to create a fairly straight line or just one lever to move back and through.

The Putting Stroke The rate of the putting stroke is very important to the distance control of your stroke. You can easily do a putting drill that you can take out onto the golf course. As you stroke your putt, simply say 2, 1 just as you would normally speak in a conversation. Not faster and not slower. This is your personal rhythm. At first, do this putting drill with your practice strokes and make the stroke match to your cadence. Once this is done, hit a few putts on the practice putting greens.

Through Impact Acceleration is a must during the impact position of any putting stroke. It is very important that the shaft of the putter goes past your left leg for right handed golfers. This is a result of you accelerating the putter through impact. This is key to being able to hit putts the same speed and control your distance.

The Finish The main thing that needs to happen in the finish of the putting stroke is that once your putter shaft is past your front leg, you need to be able to hold it there for a count of three seconds. This will give you time to evaluate what has happened during the stroke and what you have felt.

Implement these five putting lessons and finally watch your scores improve! It is much more fun to brag about a good score as opposed to one long drive.