The Top Three Most Favored Preowned Callaway Golf Clubs

By Trendon Cato

Preowned Callaway Golf Clubs - Recently I have been looking at the website, Callaway golf preowned, just searching through the website checking out the customer reviews to see what exactly people were looking for when they thought of used/preowned Callaway golf clubs. And when you look at those reviews you can clearly see that some are a notch above the rest, well three that is. Also surprisingly enough they were all drivers. So what are these clubs?

First off and front running at the top of Preowned Callaway Golf Clubs is the Callaway FT-5 driver, a massive 50 grams of discretionary weight has been created using a Carbon Fiber Body -- creating the OptiFit Weighting System that produces three center of gravity configurations: Draw, Neutral and Fade, enabling golfers to choose a combination to best suit their individual game. The larger, more robust CT/VFT Titanium cup face is designed to the legal limit, as defined by the USGA Characteristic Time test, resulting in increased ball speed, distance and forgiveness -- even on miss-hits. If you were to give an average of the comments posted on this club is that it gives a great shot off the tee, the distance received is excellent, it even added a few yards some golfers, even more because of its design there are also all around compliments on the accuracy achieved using it. A great confidence builder.

Secondly we have the Callaway FT-i Driver, with the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design, this driver pushes the boundaries of shape, of our imagination, of the rules. By positioning weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, the FT-i Driver produces the highest Moment of Inertia of any driver on the market today, resulting in unparalleled forgiveness. The largest, most robust CT/VFT Titanium cup face designed from Callaway golf. This is one of reviews from one the most skeptical customers; this is a great driver-the key for me is to swing very easy and hold the preowned callaway golf clubs with very little pressure. I tend to hook or draw the ball. I bought the 9 degree stiff and the ball goes straight 250 yrds 7 out of 10 times i hit it. I did not gain distance over my other Callaway driver from 2005 but i gained a ton of accuracy. This person only gained accuracy and some consistency but what about those who got both accuracy and distance along with accuracy. Need I say more?

Last but definitely not least is the Callaway 460cc driver this all-titanium, is designed for longer and straighter tee shots. Callaway Golf engineers incorporated everything they know about all-titanium drivers into the new X460 Driver and X460 Tour Driver. At 460cc, the new drivers combine a CT/VFT Face, Consistent Alignment Sole and patented Callaway Golf technologies. That combination of technology makes the X460 and X460 Tour the longest all-titanium drivers Callaway Golf has ever made. Now read this comment; 30 years ago I played to a 1 handicap. The last 10 my handicap would have been 7-10! The X460 with an Aldila NV65 shaft Stiff has changed my game and now the drive is straight and long. Almost a dozen times in 2008 I drove the 13th hole at Devil's Thumb in Delta, Colorado which is 345 yards. My new purchase is a set of FT irons with the Callaway stiff graphite shaft. Too bad--in time for cold weather!! Witnesses are available... And this person is 71yrs old.

Now after reading all this, tell me is not preowned callaway golf clubs great.