Online Golf Lessons - A Fast Golf Swing Can Ruin Your Game

Online Golf Lessons: Have you got a fast looking swing or a slow golf swing? Many weekend golfers believe a fast swing will hit a ball a good distance. The swing perhaps is fast, yet the ball does not go as far as a professional's slow looking swing.

Why? In this online golf lessons, I'm going to explain what happens during a fast looking golfing swing and why you need to slow down your swing.

If you think about your body for a while, you know that it moves a lot slower than your arms in actuality. So if your body can not turn so fast, how does one get a fast looking golf swing? You get a fast looking golfing swing when you trying to hit the ball as hard as you can with only your arms. This indicates that your arms are moving independently from your body.

What Happens to Your Shots When Your Arms Beat Your Body?

First, you will not make perfect contact with the sweet spot on the clubface because swinging with only your arms will steer you to manipulate the clubface as it swings thru impact.

2nd, the harder you swing, the tighter your wrists and arms will be through impact. Looser arms extend more than tighter arms and tighter wrists release slower than looser wrists ( which enlarge the width of your swing arc ).

To slow down a fast looking golf swing, we first have to think logically about it. Professionals have a slow looking swing and they drive the ball a good distance and you have got a fast swing that hits the ball a shorter distance.

Why do you Persist on Hitting the Ball Harder Than the Pros do? Try a Online Golf Lessons to help you.

Unfortunately, human instinct generally gets control of us when we are going to hit a golf ball. It asserts the harder you swing the further the ball will go. This will not let us comprehend the reasoning behind swinging slower. Swinging slower makes you feel like you have less power so you cannot see how it is easy for you to basically hit the ball better and more distance by not using your arms.

You must persuade yourself that you can swing slower to hit the ball better. After you slow down, you'll make better contact in the sweet spot of the clubface, widen your arc and release the club quicker. All these things add up to more distance with less effort.

Take This Online Golf Lessons to Take the Arms Out of the Swing

All you've got to do is hold the club at waist high and feel your body swing the club head. As you swing, hear the swishing sound the club-head is making as it swings through impact. Now, try and make the club swing quicker by shifting your body weight from the right leg to the left leg permitting your body to turn at the same time. If you let your arms swing openly you may hear the club swish quicker as you increase the speed of your body. Take a online golf lessons to see if you can help you with your swing.

When you go to hit the ball, you have to relate the same new feeling of using your body to hit the shot. This implies that you cannot think about hitting the ball. If you consider the moment of hitting the ball, it'll speed up your arms again. You've got to now think about turning and shifting your body weight.

This will turn your body and allow your arms to swing down because they are attached to each other. If you are feeling your swing getting fast again just stop, hold the club off the ground and do more practice swings feeling your body making the club swing. It takes some practice and concentration but when you slow your swing down you won't only gain a feeling of simple power but you'll start to seem like a pro when you swing the club.