Purchasing Junior Golf Clubs

By Sarfaraz Khan

Junior Golf Clubs - Historically, the manufacturers of junior clubs put little consideration into the height and weight of junior golfers and traditionally manufactured equipment that was either scaled-down or physically reduced by cutting-down shafts.

The cost of junior golf is traditionally less compared to golf clubs for adults in today's world of golf equipment. Manufacturers can now produce equipment for junior golfers that utilise the same materials and components used the production of adult golf equipment. It is therefore possible to purchase a set of junior golf clubs that are produced by the same manufacturer to the same standards as that of a professional golfer.

If you know a junior golfer that is motivated enough to start learning at a young age, you'll no doubt be keen to ensure that he/she is using the best and most suitable junior golf equipment on the market.

The most critical thing to remember when scouting for a set of junior golf clubs is the height of the player. The type of golf clubs you decide on purchasing should ideally match the height of the player with enough margin for growth.

That's why manufacturers like Texan Classics and Golf Girl produce junior clubs for two age groups: 4-7 and 8-12. Young Gun - Europe's number 1 brand of junior golf equipment, produces four unique sets of golf clubs for ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11 and 12-14 - also available in left-handed editions. Selecting junior golf clubs which allow for certain growth should protect your investment for 2-3 years.

A good sign of when it is most appropriate to purchase a new set of junior clubs is when a child is finding it difficult to strike a ball - this means that the club is too small and a longer club is required. The weight of the club can also be a matter of concern; if not correctly balanced to the requirements of the junior golf, the player will find it harder to produce a consistent swing - compromising the accuracy and delivery of the stroke.

The speed and accuracy are two critical factors that manufacturers take into consideration when developing junior golf clubs - such clubs should not only meet the height restrictions, but also the weight constraints of the junior player. Take both factors into account when searching for a new set of junior clubs - manufacturers like Texan Classics, Golf Girl, Confidence and Young Gun all produce a range of golf clubs, optimised for the junior player.

These brands also offer the greatest savings for junior golf equipment expect to pay up to Pound 49.99 for a set of junior clubs - a typical saving of up to 85% compared to traditional retail based suppliers of golf equipment such as JJB, Sports Soccer and Argos. The online retailer can also pass on additional savings for multiple item orders - expect to pay 1 shipping charge - an excellent reason to stock-up on the latest range of junior clubs, bags, trolleys, clothing and more that you are looking for.