Hybrid Golf Clubs - Are They for You?

A Hybrid golf clubs are often described as a combination of a fairway wood and an iron. Also called utility clubs they tend to resemble enhanced irons or have smaller faces more akin to a fairway wood. Originally marketed towards older players and those of smaller statue, such as the ladies, the hybrid has found it's way into the professional ranks.

Are hybrid golf clubs right for you? Only if you want to make the most of your time on the greens and play your best game. Simply put they offer greater versatility than irons or woods, giving you more options when you reach into the bag.

What do they offer the recreational golfer? To find out a brief telephone interview was conducted with long time actor and golf enthusiast Ned Beatty. On Sunday July 27, 2008 we reached Mr. Beatty after his morning round. Ned was asked his opinion on hybrid golf clubs and quickly answered "Oh yes they are all the rage.".

The actor is now semi-retired living in Minnesota. During the spring or summer he can often be found on the links rain or shine, sometimes accompanied by his wife Sandy. Ned says that the four hybrid golf clubs in his bag have replaced fairway woods for him altogether. They make it easier to loft the ball and offer excellent control. The hybrids are his go-to club for playing the rough, which Ned admits happens more than he would like.

His wife Sandy is so fond of her hybrids that upon entering her first tournament she had to be reminded that the seventeen clubs in her bag were over the limit allowed.

According to the veteran actor, players he encounters are using the hybrids everywhere. Chipping, playing any kind of obstacle, and even driving. At age 72, Ned believes that his own use of the utility hybrids greatly increase his enjoyment of the game.

The utility hybrid is here to stay with offerings typically ranging from $60 to $200. Because they do more than one thing well, many golfers see them as a value purchase. Professional players using the new technology have put the golf world on notice that the utility hybrid club goes beyond beginners and players with limited strength.

With every class of player from top money earners to absolute beginners finding real benefit from the hybrids it won't be long before they will be considered essential. The hybrid club appears poised to be the biggest innovation in golf since the course at St. Andrews was established in the 1400's.