Golf Vacation Package - Discount Rates On Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

By Randy Zlobec

Golf Vacation Package - Whether you are a golf fanatic or even a beginner just starting out, Myrtle Beach golf courses have a wide variety of course levels to explore and work through. With a total of 91 different golf courses, Myrtle Beach is by far the golf capital of the world. The combination of remarkable scenery coupled with some of the world's best courses attracts many golfing enthusiasts each year.

When deciding on where to plan your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Package, you have a remarkable amount of variety to choose from. In order to narrow down your decision, you can examine the North Strand (48 courses), South strand (18 courses) as well as Center Myrtle Beach (25) for the courses available. With so many choices and options, you are sure to find a place to perfect that back swing.

Getting to Myrtle Beach couldn't be easier, with 7 different airlines, all with non-stop flights around destinations in the United States, you are sure to find a time that is convenient for you. Once you have arrived, you have the option to rent any vehicle from compact to full-sized van in order to transport yourself and your group around the Myrtle Beach sights.

Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Package cater to any individual or group looking to get away for an experience that includes not only golf, but other attractions as well. There are over 1,600 restaurants for your dining pleasure anywhere in Myrtle Beach that is sure to suit anyone's tastes such as Melon's which is one of the best sports bars on the beach and has an NHL Hockey Package available. Other dining establishments around Myrtle Beach include Bovine's, a winner of many local and regional awards for outstanding cuisine, Ultimate California Pizza, Divine Fish House, and Wahoo's, a tiki bar to enjoy as a waterfront experience.

The nightlife, attractions and shows help make Myrtle Beach one of the most desired Golf Vacation Package spots around Carolina today. Included are an Irish Pub, House of Blues venue, and Club Kryptonite that is fully equipped with a martini and cigar bar as well as a champagne lounge. Revolutions caters to the young at heart where you can step back into time to the 1970's and enjoy all the days gone by, and if a piano bar is more to your liking, Crocodile Rocks is an interactive comedy request show and home to dueling pianos that never disappoints.

If you are traveling as a family with children who are also involved in your love of golf, be sure to check out the family Golf Vacation Package. You can be sure to receive a discount for those young ones who are golfing alongside you on the green. Nothing says good quality family time like shooting a birdie with your son or daughter. There is a limited amount of courses that children are entitled to play on, so be sure to check out each green's availability for access to your entire family.

Accommodations at Myrtle Beach are never run-of-the-mill. Customer driven with extraordinary service, you and your traveling group will be pleased with any place that you choose to rest during your golfing vacation. Prices do vary depending on the type of accommodation, size, and location, but keep in mind that there are many discounts and specials for groups. The larger the group, the more discounts and special offers you will receive during your stay. Hotels, villas, beach houses and condos are all available for use while enjoying your time at Myrtle Beach.

There are a number of resources to examine before making a final decision on your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Package. Discount Myrtle Beach golf tours are available depending on where in Myrtle Beach you are looking for and what time of the year you decide to book your group tour. The Internet is a great place to start looking at available golf packages, tournament dates, and pricing for any upcoming trips you are planning. Each website has a toll-free contact number so you can phone a representative for any questions you may have, or even book online for easier trip planning. Some websites will even let you custom-build your own golfing package. This is reasonably priced and perfect for those seasoned golfers who have played at Myrtle Beach previously and have a few select courses they favor.

No matter where you decide to stay in Myrtle Beach, the delicate greens and vegetation will take your breath away while you relax among friends and family. Nothing could be more rewarding than getting exercise the way that you would like to, in an environment appealing to everyone