Golf Vacation Package - Some Questions to Ask

By Dave Pipitone,

When you know what questions to ask about golf vacation package, making arrangements are much easier. One specific destination to investigate is a Las Vegas vacation. When you start planning your Las Vegas golf vacation package, there are a number of details that you need to consider. This article will review several frequently asked questions you can ask to help you tee it up with confidence that you are getting the best vacation experience that you can.

What is your cancellation policy for this package, either lodging or tee-times? When you are arranging a golf vacation package at one of the Las Vegas golf resorts, ask the booking agent what happens when you cancel. Many agents need a week or two week notice. If you book just golf, expect that you will need to provide 48 hours notice to cancel tee times.

When does your credit card get charged for your lodging and golf? This is important to make sure you have enough balance to cover your golf vacation package . Many booking agents do expect a deposit when you book the package. The deposit may be as great as 100%. Others agents may charge less, but almost every one of them requires full payment before your scheduled travel. Make sure to get the details about the deposit and any charges for cancellations.

Why use a booking agent when you can make your own arrangements? The best agencies have been in business for many years and have developed friendships with Las Vegas hotels and golf courses. This gives the agent negotiating power. They have the ability to ask for and get the best values and pricing available which is a break for you. Also, agencies have Golf Vacation Planners who know the lodging and courses. They can find the destinations and the best marketplace values for what you want. This can save you you hundreds of dollars per person.

How do you process upgrades, changes or cancellations? Always treat your booking agency as your travel provider. You will receive information and pricing on upgrades and they will handle any required changes or cancellations to your reservation.

How do you handle changing the exact itinerary for "special" vacation packages? Booking agencies offer "Specials" from time to time with discounted prices. If you like most of what is included in the Special, but want a few options, talk to the booking agent. Many times, the agent can tweak the "Special" and still give you substantial savings. Remember to ask for exactly what you want.

Can the agency arrange lower cost afternoon twilight rates, reserve 36 holes in a day or reserve rental golf clubs? Because of their relationship with golf course staff, a booking agency can help you get twilight and re-play rates when available. For many Las Vegas golf resorts, most courses take advanced reservations to rent golf clubs at $30.00 -$45.00 a day. A non-playing partner can ride along in your golf cart for $15 to $25, depending on the course.

When you ask the right questions, you know what to look for in golf vacation packages and take the risk out of your Las Vegas vacation.