Looking For A Golf Vacation Package?

By Golf Vacation Resorts, Golf Vacation Package, for those who have a real love for golf and a need to travel someplace to play it, golf vacation resorts as a real getaway really can't be beat. And the idea of golf combined with a vacation in a luxury resort can't be overemphasized. As far as trying to find any sort of fault to pick out, there really doesn't seem to be any when it comes to four-star resorts combined with four-star golf courses.

The attractive part of all this is that there are these kinds of resorts popping up all over the world. Even Scotland, the birthplace of golf as we know it, is getting in on the act. But for true high-class resorts and high-class golfing, there aren't many better places to find them combined than in North America. Some of the resorts are paradises of golf and resort living, for a fact.

Golfers who want a golf vacation package so they can golf on courses that play host to some of the top tournaments in the U.S., including the Open, can head to the Monterey Peninsula and the Pebble Beach Links courses. They're rated the number one public courses in the country, at present. And the quality of accommodations is as good as the quality of the courses.

The level of class and style at many of the hotels at these golf vacation package resorts is also top-notch. For example, North Carolina's Pinehurst Resort has an array of lodging that's the equal of any four-star hotels in the country. Plus, it's the current 2008 winner of the Best Golf Resort accolade from Travel and Leisure magazine. The hotels and the courses meet or exceed every expectation.

Golf vacation resorts as a real getaway is a vacation idea that's really hard to top. They combine the best of golf and golfing activities with the best of hotel and resort living into one beautiful package. Most avid golf enthusiasts pine for a chance to play on some of the major-league, PGA-certified courses at many of these resorts, and now they finally have an opportunity to do so.