Golf Setup Tips For Effective Basic Golf Setup

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By Amit Kheterpal

A setup is an important and very necessary thing you need to learn if you are trying to learn golf. If you have already crossed the beginner stage then go back to basics and examine your setup to make sure that you are doing it the right way.

Your swing depends entirely on your setup. Most of the golfers suffer due to faulty setup and several renowned golfers have said that it is the most basic thing that a golfer should address first if he wants to compete professionally.

Now if your setup is correct so you achieve a good shot even if your swing is not good but the reverse is definitely not true. You may have the best swing on earth but if you do not have a good setup you will never succeed. Setup or address positions distinguish what a good player has from a bad player or an amateur from a professional.

You would argue what are the benefits of a good Golf Setup position. I will explain in detail what are the benefits of a good setup or an address position. First and foremost what you want to achieve is the balance when you are swinging. That balance is achieved by foot placement and posture. This foot placement and posture is achieved by a correct address position. You go wrong in this and there will never be a good balance during the swing and that makes all the difference.

A setup defines how power you get from your swing and how much you can control the direction of the shot. Your setup defines the body angles at which you swing and that influence the path and angles of the shot.

There are several things that make up a perfect setup position. The alignment of a setup is one factor that will help you become a good golfer. You body means your head, shoulders, feet, arms, knees, hips and eyes should be in parallel to the target line.

Next comes your foot position which should be shoulder width apart for the middle irons. The ball position varies based on the type of iron you select. As far as the balance goes you must balance your weight on the balls of the feet as opposed to the toes or the heels.

Hopefully these special tips and tricks will help you get started on a good footing while beginning to play golf.

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