Some Believe Golf Putters Can Lower Your Handicap

Golf Putters - Whether it is true or not, a lot of golfers professional and amateurs a like seem to believe that golf putters can make a difference in your golfing and can lower your handicap. So every once and a while they go out and buy different putters in hope that their handicap will get better.

A very important thing for a golfer is that they should look for a putter that will feel good in their hands and will fit perfectly with the style of stroke that they have. This is probably the only thing the putter truly influences.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the right putter for you is to make sure that you find one that fits perfectly into the style of golfing you generally play. Everyone has their own style, this why there are so many different types of putters. For example there is the style of putter that is considered to a face balance forward putter which is better for the person who a back and through motion to their golf strokes. Should you happen to have what is termed as the in and out stroke then the style you might prefer would be the toe balanced type putter.

You also need to take into consideration the type of putter. There are three specific types of golf putters . One is the blade type which is probably the most common one that is used. This putter has a small head with a look that is flat. This type of putter is great for when you play on fast greens and great for when you need a really soft touch. Then there is the peripheral weighted putter which a lot of professionals use as well as some amateurs. This type works really well for the person with the in and out type of stroke. The third type is called the mallet putter. This one would probably best suit the golfer who has the straight back and through type of stroke.

You should also consider the face and insert that the putter has. The insert is very important because this is what helps the golfer with the different touch that can be put on the ball when putting. Metal face types are usually made of steel but sometimes they are constructed of lighter metals such as zinc, aluminum, brass and other light metals. These golf putters are heavier but they give the golfer a more controlled feeling over the ball.

A putter with an inserted face is one that is generally made of lightweight metal but the insert is made of a material other than metal. This type of putter gives the golfer a somewhat more natural feel to their stroke. Grooved face putters are great for cutting down on skidding, hopping off the green and back spinning. All these things may help your golf game.

Should you be in the market for finding what might be considered top of the line golf putters, you might want to check out the Odyssey. The Odyssey seems to be the top putter in sales and popularity among most golfers, especially amateur golfers. The main reason for its popularity is that it seems to give the golfer more control over the ball on longer putting greens. Some professionals lean towards the Scotty Cameron Studio style. Popular belief is that they feel it gives them a lower handicap. The truth however for those with lower handicaps just play a lot more golf and get far more practice than the amateur.

The main thing about putters is if it feels good in your hands then you will more than likely play with a little bit more confidence. Those who are amateurs would probably like the White Steel 2 Ball SRT Putters. These putters have an outline of a golf ball on the putter face which allows the golfer to line up the ball with the putter face. This helps the golfer better visualize hitting the ball.

It is completely up to individual preferences when it comes to choosing the right golf putter. Whether you believe a putter can help lower your handicap or not, one thing holds true, with plenty of practice you will polish your skills and build your confidence.