Golf Putter Why It's Important To Choose The Right Putter

Golf Putter Putting can be the most frustrating aspect of a player's golf game. It requires precision as well as concentration. A player will use his golf putter for shots when his ball is 2 inches from the hole or when it is 90 feet or more from the hole. Putts can make the difference between a player smiling in the clubhouse boasting a low round and a player frowning because he blew his "short game." That is why selecting the right putter is so important.

Many different qualities go into the structure of a good putter. Because of the precise nature of putting, putters should facilitate an accurate impact on the ball, a textbook stroke, and good glide. Moreover careful attention should be paid to the club's length and shaft angle. Correct measurements of these are best accomplished when considering the physical size and length of limbs of a golfer, and the golfer's stroke.

Even professional golfers have periods when they struggle on the green. Sometimes they find that this is caused by overactive wrists. Too much wrist action can cause a loss of control over the club. Selecting a golf putter with a long shaft may help fix this problem. With a long shaft, a player can rest the club against his sternum and thus anchoring it and keeping it under control. A nice pendulum-like swing that has such control could make all the difference.

A variation on the long-shaft putter is one that rests an inch or two above the belly button. This is called a mid-length putter, and sometimes referred to as a"belly putter." Using one of these is not too unlike putting with a standard length putter, except that the anchor position on the stomach provides a single hinge point for the golfer and results in a more controlled stroke.

A chipper is a club that is gaining popularity in certain golfing circles. It is a putter hybrid that looks a lot like a golf putter and is used around the green. Using a putter like stroke, a golfer may use this club since it creates lift on a ball that is perhaps resting in a sand trap or stuck in the rough. Some golfers find that they do not use this club that often and will opt to leave it behind and not take up space in the bag.

A training putter is also becoming popular in the golfing world. These are putters designed to be used on indoor putting greens that people put in their homes or offices for the purpose of practicing. These have a hinged joint and curved club face. Sometimes the curve is very drastic. The curved face makes the golfer hit the ball squarely at the center and the hinged joint promotes steadiness.

Finding clubs for sale is easy enough. A search of the internet will provide many results of online retailers that offer vast varieties and usually competitive pricing. You may wish to visit a retail store in person or make purchases at your favorite golf course's club house. This way, you can test out the various putters prior to deciding which to buy.

You can lower your handicap in many ways and putting is certainly one of those areas. Do away with the need for a mulligan by making your putts right the first time. Having the proper putter will help you reach this goal.