Golf Putter Tips on Buying the Right Putter

When you are looking for the right golf putter you must consider several things to ensure you get the putter that is right for you. You should consider the grip, the angle, the length, weight, and the head.

When you consider a putter you need to consider the type of grip and the size. There is a standard size grip on most putters but it is not always the best grip for everyone. If you have large hands then you will need a wider grip. If you have really small hands the grip should be smaller. You will have to hold the putter and be sure it fits your hands properly.

Something else you need to consider with a putter is the lie angle. This is the angle between the shaft and the ground. The lie angle will determine if the putter head sits flat on the ground while you are putting. You should consider a putter that sits perfectly on the ground while you are in stance to put.

The length of the putter is another consideration. When you are in stance to put the ball you should be sure the putter fits you right. The standard length is 35 inches. If you are tall or like to stand perfectly upright then you might need a longer putter. If you bend over and are closer to the ground then you might need a shorter putter. Your stance will determine the length of the putter you need.

The weight of a golf putter should be comfortable to you. You should not use a putter that is heavy for you or you will hit the ball too hard. You should always use a light putter when you like to play fast on the greens. If you like to take your time for results and play slowly then you might want a heavier one.

Another consideration to choosing the right putter is the head of the club. You should consider the size and the shape of the head. Most people like the perimeter-weighted putter and say it is the best. This putter has the recess in the center of the head. The most weight of the putter is distributed on the heel and the toe and provides for solidity on off-center hits. The material of the head should be considered also and is often overlooked. A cheap putter is often made of plastic or aluminum. When the head is made of lightweight materials then you have to hit the ball harder. The more expensive materials like titanium give you a better distance and you don't have to hit the ball as hard.

When you are considering a golf putter there are many things you need to think about. You should consider the head of the club, the weight, length, and the material the putter is constructed from. Your stance will also have a lot to do with the putter that is right for you. Take your time choosing the right putter. It will make a big difference in your game.