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Golf Push Cart is Smart For Your Golf Game

By Edmund Wallner

You almost certainly appreciate walking the golf course, but have started to realize that you are expending too much strength by carrying your golf bag or dragging it in on an old two wheel pull cart? But you don't want to ride a cart, walking is the way the game is supposed to be played, and you like the exercise? You do have another solution, a push cart. It takes very little exertion to use a push cart while playing, no matter what the terrain. The ergonomic designs of today's carts will leave you more relaxed, definitely less fatigued, and have more power for your golf game. Push carts are a fantastic way to transport your lightweight carry bag, or heavier cart bag.

There are several ways to carry your golf clubs while playing golf, but the creation of the three-wheel and now four-wheel golf push cart is a welcome innovation for those golfers who want to enjoy the health benefits of walking as they play golf. Today's push carts are relatively lightweight, and ergonomically intended to increase the comfort and reduce the risk of injury to golfers while easily transporting their golf clubs. These wheeled golf carts are easy not only to maneuver as they roll forward with a simple push, but also to fold up and store in the back of your car. Some of the latest innovations are the very small compact size in which these carts fold. Manufacturers have developed most push cart models with three or four wheels to overcome the stability and balancing problems of two-wheeled golf pull carts. Loaded with a golf bag filled with clubs, push carts have a very low center of gravity contributing to ideal weight distribution, exceptional stability, and good balance.

It wasn't all that long ago that the modern day push cart movement started. In 1999 the Sun Mountain Speed Cart, a three-wheel cart, was introduced and the designs have continued to evolved as other manufacturers such as Bag Boy, Caide Golf, Axglo, Cart-Tek, and more recently Clicgear joined this category.

A number of private and public golf clubs & courses have taken notice and gotten involved with the health movement in golf, and have promoted the benefits of walking the golf course. Although there are still those clubs that prohibit push carts, many more are taking a more progressive stance and actually allowing players to walk and push carts. Many doctors feel using a push cart is a more sensible way to transport golf clubs rather than carrying them since it doesn't strain the back or shoulders. Even within the junior golf leagues such as the AJGA, health concerns for younger golfers associated with carrying fully loaded bags prompted the AJGA Board of Directors to permit the use of push cart during all AJGA tournaments in 2009.

So whether you are an adult or a junior golfer, take a look at the newest push carts, there is sure to be a cart that fits you. So don't waste another moment. Another fantastic day of golf is waiting for you. About the AuthorFormer PGA Teching Professional and author of several golf swing training books