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By Martin Haworth

It's been estimated that 60% of golf shots are taken within 40 to 50 yards of the hole. But full, powerful drives are what everyone wants to develop.

Driving ranges are filled with golfers hammering away at the ball aiming at the far end of the range. The truth is that most golf games could be improved with some practice time spent on golf pitching.

One of the defining characteristics of a golf pitch is the high flight of the golf ball, followed by little or no roll. If there is an obstacle between you and the flag, a golf pitch is the best way to get over it.

Most golfers agree that golf pitching is more difficult to master than chipping. What you want to achieve with a golf pitch is a steeply angled trajectory and as little roll as possible when the ball lands.

Golf pitching is accomplished with a pitching wedge. A golf pitching swing is like a Reader's Digest version of a full swing; that is, essentially the same but shorter.

You should still keep a regular swing rhythm. Practice your golf swing using a musical metronome or some other regular ticking device.

The golf pitching stance might feel strange until you're comfortable with it. Imagine the line defined by the position of your feet and point it to the left of where you want to hit the ball.

This is called an open stance. But keep your shoulders parallel to your desired flight line. Adjust your stance so that the golf ball is centered. The length of your backswing will vary depending on the length of the shot.

Controlling distance is the key to mastering golf pitching. This starts with estimating how far away you are from the target.

The next step is controlling the shot so that you actually hit it that amount of distance.

Many professionals carry at least three different pitching wedges in their bag.They understand how crucial a good short game is to your round of golf.

Even if you have to give up some of your other clubs to stay within the rule book limits, it's worth it to have additional pitching wedge options.

What if you need to pitch from the tall grass in the rough? Work on getting a steeper swing angle. By the way, it's really difficult to get any backspin on the ball when your hitting from the rough, so target accordingly.

What's the best way to get better golf pitching results? Make golf pitching a significant part of your practice routine. Practice will help you learn control and accuracy. About the Author(c) 2007 Choosing Great Golf Clubs. All you need to know to make the right decisions before you buy your next set of golf clubs. There's all the information you could ask for, at Martin Haworth's website,