Golf Lessons Amazing Results with a Pro!

By James Damon

Golf Lessons - While a beautiful relaxed golf swing appears natural in many cases, most times it is the product of lots of training and golf lesson. Once in a blue moon, someone comes along and figures out by themselves, but it is indeed rare. A golf swing can be very deceiving.

The game of golf is best learned through golf lesson. Learning how to hit a long drive is very useful but not all you'll need to know in order to play the game well. You also have to know the rules, the scoring system and the etiquette of the game.

If you require a great deal of hands-on instruction and have lots of questions to ask, private golf lesson may be for you. On the other hand, if you're the kind of person that likes to practice a little between your instructors critiques, you may be best suited for group lesson.

In most cases a group lesson will consist of first having the instructor show the students how to perform some type of a golf swing, then asking them to perform the same maneuver while he observes them. Most of the time the students are able to take several practice swings before being critiqued. Another advantage of this format is that it will allow the students to learn more, by observing their fellow students, and listening to their critiques.

Golf lesson around the green can be very entertaining, and will dramatically improve your golf score. What you need to do is land your shot close to the pin, so you can have an easy putt. This can save you a stroke on every hole you play.

Do-it-yourself golf lessons can also be enjoyable. The easiest skill to learn on your own is probably putting. Check out your area, you'll most likely find a few putting greens that you can use without paying a nickel. Use them; improve your putting.

In order to improve your confidence in your putting you'll need to be able to knock down those 3 foot putts. So put your ball down 3 feet from the hole and knock it in from every possible angle, then go ahead and practice lagging the ball across the green so you can get close to the hole with those long putts. The skill you want to develop is getting in the hole in two shots from anywhere on the green.

Don't try to make every a long putt; your goal should be trying to get down in two strokes. The first putt good about them is to get you close enough to the hole so you can make the second. being too aggressive can cost you several strokes.

Another golf lesson that will require your practice is in a sand trap. Many golfers are terrorized when they land in a trap, because they haven't really practiced the shot enough to be confident. In many ways it can be quite an easy shot, since you don't even have to hit the ball.

In the majority of situations you will be aiming behind the ball with the intention of blasting both the ball and the surrounding sand up onto the green. This is really not a natural golf maneuver, so it's going to require some practice before you get it right. Unfortunately you'll probably have to look hard to find a place that will allow you to practice in a sand trap.