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"Finding the best golf iron in the market is not that easy at all. This is because there are just so many options available in the market. You'll find loads of powerful advice and articles here!

By Noel Siegel

Finding the best golf iron in the market is not that easy at all. This is because there are just so many options available in the market that the process of choosing the best ones can become very confusing and tiresome. What's more, a lot of golfers, both the novice and the pro, make the mistake of looking for the best golf clubs in the market. There is no such thing at all. This is because you should place more focus on finding the clubs that work the best for you. Yes, your preferences should be prioritized here, not the reviews of what particular brand of golf clubs professional golfers deem best in the market.

So, what then should you look for in golf irons, to ensure that you do have the best set of clubs? The first thing to remember here is to choose irons that are suitable to your skill level. Now, this may be a bit tricky because we can be subjective about our skill levels, you know. Having a professional golf instructor peg your skill level can then come in handy here. For instance, if you are experiencing elbow trouble in your game, then your instructor might recommend a club that has a shaft made of graphite, along with a head that has a rubber or polyester insert, so that there is significant reduction when it comes to impact transmission. Yes, there might be golfers who would find this club preposterous, but take note: it is your elbow problem that is being dealt with effectively here.

Three factors should be considered when selecting your golf iron. These three factors play a very important role in molding your very own game.

Club head design. The club head is understandably the most important of all factors. This is because it is the portion of your golf club that makes contact with the golf ball. There are three styles that you can choose from: the blade style head, the midsize head, and the oversized head. Your choice of head here should depend on your skill level. If you are just getting started in the game of golf, then you should go with the over-sized head. The head's design is that of a deep cavity-back, which allows more chances of hitting the ball squarely. Midsize heads, meanwhile, still have cavity-back designs, but these are no longer as deep as the over-sized ones. The blade style head has the shallowest cavity, allowing you to work with the ball any way you want to. The more skilled golfers prefer to use this club head design.

Shaft type. You have a choice of either steel or graphite here. If you want a heavier club, then you should go with the steel shaft. Steel is actually more durable than its graphite counterpart. However, graphite shafts also provide more ease in getting the type of flex you need for your game. The wise choice here is to try out both types and go with the one you are more comfortable using.

Shaft flex. This aspect can very much affect the trajectory of your ball and is associated with the speed of your swing. When swinging your club, there is a certain bend that accompanies this motion. Thus, you need that certain stiffness for your shift so that your club remains fit when connecting with the ball. To choose which shaft flex to go with, you can also ask for assistance from your golf instructor here..

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