Excellent Golf Club Components: Making of a Perfect Day at Stroke Play

By Daniel Adams

Golf Club Components, Golf is a game that is fast gaining popularity. The essential to get the technique right for the sport is to find the right kind of golf club. Supported by the right kind of Golf Club one can make the best possible shots. The decision is to be made on the basis of distance of the shot. Woods are used for long-distance fairway shots. They typically have a large head and a long shaft for maximum speed. Irons are versatile and can be used for a variety of shots. They have a flat angled face and a shorter shaft. They help with shots from the rough, approaching greens area, through and over trees and are made of forged iron. Putters are another variety of golf clubs that are used to roll the ball into the cup on the greens. All these make for a basic golf club sets.

Irons are further categorized into hybrid, cavity-back or muscle-back. Hybrid Golf Club Components are an iron that has a head similar to a wood. They are made of hollow steel or titanium and have a shallow and slightly convex face. The head of Hybrid golf clubs is marginally shallow and does not extend backwards from the face as compared to a wood. The features of a Hybrid golf clubs are a cross between a wood and an iron. This blend gives them iron's swing and the wood's long distance. Hybrid Golf Club Components can replace irons as they are easier to hit.

The golf drivers are the longest and lowest-lofted woods. They have the longest range than any club in golf club sets. Golf drivers are designed to hit off the tee for the first shot of long-yardage holes. They can also be hit from the turf. Golf drivers are usually the largest, longest and the lightest of all the golf clubs in golf club sets. Golf drivers now come at a cost of $100 up to $700 due to the increased design technology in modern clubs.

Golf grips are essential as they are the only direct contact between a golfer and the club. The right golf grip can make all the difference to a shot. The selection of Golf grips depends completely on the fact that it should fit the hand perfectly and upon the core size. They are available in sizes: regular, mid-size and over-sized or jumbo. Golf grips that are too small or too big lead to hooking and slicing of the shot. To find the grip that will best suit the hand, a measurement should be made from the base of the hand, i.e. the wrist to the end of the longest finger. Golf grips need to be replaced as they eventually tend to dry out, harden and get damaged over time. Though materials are being worked upon to give more durable and longer-lasting soft grips, golfers have to wait a while before things look up on this front.