Golf Chipping Tips

"Golf Chipping Tips, If you want to improve your golf game, then you need to master your chip shots. Find all the advice, articles, and topics covering the Golf Chipping.

By Kevin Maxem

To have lower scores in golf, you have to be proficient around the green. This article will cover golf chipping tips. If you want to improve your golf game, then you need to master your chip shots.

The skull and the chunker, are two of the major problems when it comes to golf chipping tips . If you play the game of golf, then you have experienced these shots.

When you hit a chunker, you will catch more ground and the ball will fall short of where you are aiming. A skulled shot will fly much further than expected.

Believe it or not, these shots are both caused by hitting up on the ball. You will catch more ground when hitting a chunker. When you skull the shot your are usually trying to prevent a chunker, so you over compensate and will hit the ball in the middle, shooting it across the green.

Here are some solutions for these problems.

You need to mentally prepare yourself, not only for your chip shots but, all your shots. If you are afraid you are gong to mis-hit the ball, then you probably will, and end up muffing your shot. These shots are very makeable, you just need to remain calm.

Do not be afraid to follow through on your swing after you hit the ball. You can adjust your backswing, so you will not hit the ball too hard.

By shortening your backswing, you gain more control of your club, as well as your shot. When you begin your downswing, you need to accelerate your club through impact.

Our next chipping golf tip is very important to your success. You will need to select a target to aim for when chipping. You want to roll this shot to pin by hitting the ball low. You may need to hit your ball over an object or obstacle,so a low shot will not be feasable.

You will also need to re-evaluate your swing and get rid of any bad habits you may have picked up during the years. Spend some time at the driving range, re-learning the proper techniques and swing mechanics for hitting chip shots.

Do not scoop the ball when hitting your chip shots,you need to hit down on the ball. Otherwise, you will not be able to control the shot.

You must practice your chip shots, as often as you go to the driving range. If you can master the chip shot, this will help lower your scores. About the Author Want to learn more about chipping golf tips, want to learn to hit a draw then visit our website and lower your golf scores!