Buying Bulk Golf Balls Save Money

By Zachary Skinner

Bulk golf balls,whether they are logo overruns or used, are a fantastic way to try a Titleist ProV1 or some other expensive balls normally out of your pricerange for a reasonable cost. But there are a few things you should be aware of when you go searching for bulk balls. The excess, or bulk balls, are made by mistakes or when extra balls wind up being sold at a discount as bulk balls. Lower grade bulk balls make great practice balls. It is possible to locate highly rated balls and even brand name bulk balls to use as you become more experienced.

Many use the idea of Mint as their best quality ball, followed by a Grade A or AAA and then a Grade B or AA etc. As you know a single sleeve of these types of ball can cost you a pretty penny and that is why most pro shops collect top quality golf ball to provide you with an affordable alternative to new golf ball. Cheap ball with a high quality rating perform just as well as the same balls purchased brand new.

Two-piece balls, which have been on the market for many years, will spin less and go a little farther off the driver than the soft, wound balata balls that were used on tour until five years ago. The hard-core two-piece ball will spin about the same as the wound ball off the wedge only if it has an extremely soft and relatively thick cover. A multilayer ball will do this because it has a soft core (for speed off the driver face) surrounded by a hard mantle and a thin soft cover. The mantle reduces spin off the driver, and the cover, too thin to influence driver launch conditions, is soft enough to significantly influence the spin off the wedge.

Before making a bulk golf balls purchase, you need to find each companies grading key so you can find out what the major differences are between their grades. Then you can see if the price premium from a Grade A ball to a Mint ball is worth the jump. The lower grade bulk ball are really only good for filling your shag bag and using to practice with.

Bulk balls make ideal practice balls or replacements if you tend to lose lots of balls on a course. Whether you are looking for some practice balls or you lose a lot of balls while whacking them around the course, bulk buying of your ball is the savvy way to go.