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By Lorne McCaslin

On the outside most balls look pretty much the same, but the contents inside of an individual ball can be completely different. The inside of a ball can determine which ball is right for you as a beginner, intermediate or experienced player.

Choose a ball for better performance

One of the most important things to check for when buying balls is the compression rate. The compression rate affects how your ball performs on the course. A higher compression rate is the best choice for an experienced golfer. The compression rates of balls usually range from 70 to 110, depending on the manufacturer. You can usually find information about the compression composition on the side of the package, or small numbers marked directly on the balls.

Figuring out the numbers

So how do you read the numbers to choose the best balls? A ball with a 70 rate of compression will be one of the softer balls you can purchase, while balls around 110 are much harder. As soon as your club hits the ball, the ball actually becomes flat at the moment of impact. Golf balls that flatten easily are softer, like a 70 rate compression ball. Balls with a higher rate of compression, around 110, are much harder and take a lot more energy and power in your swing to flatten on impact.

New or used?

The great news is that there is a ball to fit every level of expertise, and every budget. You can choose used brand new balls, used or recycled balls. Most of these balls are left lying around the course following a few games. What many don't know is that you can actually find quality rated used and recycled balls. For example, if you like brand names like Titleist, Nike, Calloway or Maxfli, used or recycled balls with a high quality rating are a steal. Imagine paying half of the cost of a $58.00 package of balls that look and perform exactly the same on the course. Used balls are easy to find. There are many merchants who only sell used balls and nothing else.

Logo and custom balls

Logo and custom balls make great gifts for golf lovers around birthdays and holidays. What could be more impressive than receiving your own set of balls personalized with your company logo, name, initials or college mascot? Balls can be customized in just about any way you can imagine.

Each year golfers end up spending hundreds of dollars on balls and other equipment attempting to do what the pros do. There are hundreds of different golf ball available in a variety of prices. If you are an average golfer, the smartest thing to do is start off with less expensive used balls and work your way up to the high performance brand names. Pay attention to the rating system to make sure you get quality rated balls that deliver good performance. The only real difference you will notice is that quality used golf balls will keep more money in your pocket.

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