Golf Ball Distance - The Simple Way To Drive The Golf Ball Longer

By Matthew Seppanen

Golf Ball Distance - The Simple Way To Drive The Golf Ball Longer. Every golfer wants to hit the ball longer. We all see the PGA Tour pros hitting 300 yard drives and 190 yard seven irons and desire to hit the ball such great distances. This article will give you two simple pointers to hit the golf ball further.

When trying to maximize distance a golfer needs to remember which clubs are designed to be hit far and which clubs are designed to be hit close to the hole. Generally, the five iron through the wedges are intended to be hit accurately and close to the hole. On the other hand the longer clubs are designed to hit the ball long distances.

Two factors determine how far the golf ball goes. How fast was the club head moving through impact? How solid did you hit the ball on the club face?

First, golfers need to strike the ball solid to create distance. Swing speed is irrelevant without solid contact. Hitting the golf ball squarely on the middle of the club face always results in greater golf ball distance golf ball distance than an off center hit.

A quick drill to ensure solid contact is to place masking tape on the face of your club and hit a few shots. The masking tape will provide immediate feedback as to where you are contacting the ball on the club face. To ensure the greatest amount of distance attempt to contact the ball on the middle (or sweet spot) of the club face.

Follow these guidelines to help you improve your contact:

1. If contact is low on the club face, there is a good chance that you are attempting to help the ball into the air. Try hitting down a bit more to aggressively compress the ball and gain more distance.

2. When contact is out on the toe, your hands and club are getting closer to your body through the hitting zone. Place a tee in the ground positioned inside your club at address. Make swings hitting the ball without clipping the tee. If you are hitting the ball of the heel place the tee near the toe of your club.

The second factor in how far you hit the ball is club head speed. Golfers often get anxious and excited and try to hit the ball really hard from the top of the backswing. The result is a club head that is moving faster to start the downswing than through impact.

To cure this, hold your driver near the club head away from it's grip and make a few practice swings. Listen to the woosh of the club and where in the swing it is the loudest. For maximum distance make sure that the noise is loudest from just before impact to a foot or so after impact. This is a simple drill to ensure that the club head is accelerating through impact.

These two drills will give you tangible feedback in your quest to hit the ball further.