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By Lyle Richards

The main kinds of golf bags are cart bags, carry bags, staff bags and travel bags.

If you like to walk, then carry bags are for you. These bags don't weigh too much and are the ideal option if you want to stroll from one part of the golf course to another. Such bags are usually composed canvas, plastic, or nylon. They are simple and small. They can be used to carry basic clubs, balls, tees and perhaps a towel or two. You can get a stand for these bags as well. This way, you can keep your bag upright while you're taking your turn.

These days, cart bags are the most popular kind of bag. These bags are perfect for putting on the back of a golf cart. This kind of bag is not the right choice if you're a walker though. They are made for carrying all the clubs a golfer possesses. They fit neatly on the frame of a hand-pushed cart. The extra space in these bags is a great help. Not only can you bring all your golf clubs, there's space enough for a pair of shoes and some towels as well. An empty cart bag is fairly light, but a full one can be a strain on your back.

Professional golfers prefer to use what is known as a staff bag. These bags have great capacity. You can literally fit every kind of golf club conceivable into them. Believe it or not, you can put up to 14 golf clubs in a staff bag, and still have space for anything else you might need on the golf course. They are designed to be easy to carry and can be carried by your caddy. However, considering the weight and size of the bag, golfers usually keep them on a golf cart. The greatest advantage of these bags is that you can take everything you need onto the course at one time.

Pockets are must on your golf bags . The more pockets they have, the better it is. Just think of all the things you need to carry! Golf clubs, golf balls, extra tees, towels, a divot tool, an umbrella, they're all useful things you might need. So it makes sense to have pockets on your bag where you can keep these things.

A hood on your bag might be useful. After all, if it rains, you don't want your clubs getting wet. So if you find a bag with a hood on it, it might be a smart buy.

You should make sure your golf bag is well compartmentalized. If it's not, the golf clubs will be battling it out for space in there and the grips will get worn down. Separate compartments for each club will help to keep your bag organized.

Another factor you should keep in mind is the stand. Given a choice between a bag that comes with a stand and one that doesn't come with a stand, go for the former. This will allow you to conveniently pick out a club while the bag is standing.

Don't forget the style factor either. You want to look good and feel good. You bag reflects on you. The colors, shapes, and design should suit your tastes.

So if you're thinking about getting into golf, you have to get yourself the right kind of golf bag. It's a must. Buy the right back and enjoy your golf without putting a strain on your back. You can start with a simple carry-bag and can progress to staff bag with time. About the AuthorThe Top Golf Drivers guide provides news and reviews of the top golf drivers available today. Like the TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad or the Cobra Speed Pro. The Top Golf Drivers guide also provides information on where to find used golf club drivers.


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