Looking For Free Golf Instruction Online?

By Mick Euan Tait

Are you looking for free golf instruction online? No wonder you want to save some money because golf can be an expensive pastime. Maybe you saved some money by buying cheap golf clubs on sale but there are many items of golf equipment that you need - a golf bag, golf balls, golf tees, and more.

Then, of course, you have to pay for your green fees and, no doubt, transportation costs to and from the golf course. So, in this article I will show you some places where you can find free golf instruction online.

If you have a particular problem, like learning the proper way to grip a golf club, you could look for help with your grip at online forums. If you just search for "golf forums" you will get over a million sites returned, but you will find that the most popular golf forums are on the first few pages. Check out a few and see if your question appears there with some good answers. If not, you can register for free and ask your own questions.

The next method for looking for money. free golf instruction online is by using Google search. Most people are not specific enough when they search; instead of searching for golf grip, where you will get many results not related like places to buy golf grips, search using quotation marks or inverted commas. Taking the golf grip as an example, search more specifically for "how to grip a golf club" or maybe "gripping the club" and the results will be very relevant to what you are looking for.

If you like learning by watching videos then when searching for free instruction online, use the search term "free golf videos." You will find several good resources online where you can watch some instruction videos. As an example, if you want lessons to improve your golf swing, then you just need to search for "free golf swing videos" and see what comes up.

Most of the top golf websites have sections of free instruction that can be quite useful. As an example, golfillustrated.com has a few swing tips in PDF format and several golf lessons from teaching pros; pga.com have many golf lessons and instruction; golf.com have many video and article lessons, and golflink.com have hundreds of tips and videos on all aspects of the game.

Finally, check out the following two golf sites which are full of free golf instruction online. First, golf-online-tips.com has lots of free golf tips and golf tips for beginners covering every area of the game of golf. Second, you will find a golf video site at golf-online-videos.com which has hundreds of free golf videos that you search for.

So, as you can see, the Internet is still full of great resources for finding free golf instruction online. Remember, when searching to use very specific search terms and try searches with quotation marks. Too many people don't find what they are looking for because they use too general search terms. Be persistent and you will find all the free golf instruction that can help you to improve your game and save you some