Fairway Woods are the New Drivers

By Golf Buddy

Titleist makes a bunch of fairway woods that are great for better players. If you look at the PGA Tour, where the best players compete, you will notice many that play Titleist woods. They aren't big and the playability is awesome.

Cobra has been around for years but it's still pretty weak in the woods space. I couldn't even tell you exactly what model their woods is and I do this for a living!

Cleveland makes good fairway woods but they've been using the same launcher name for like a decade now. That name is so 1990s so marketing really needs some help. It's confusing and I can never find the right clubs when searching on ebay.

Bridgestone is only a golf ball company and so far do not produce any woods in the states.

Adams may be the pioneer in hybrids but their marketing is totally taken over by the other major brands. I have no idea what woods they make so I naturally think they aren't that great.

Taylormade is killing the competition with its burner line. Now, there's the r9 which is said to be pretty awesome too. It might be expensive though so try before you commit or else it will burn a hole in your wallet.

Lynx is mainly a second rated customs component manufacturer and their woods heads aren't considered that great. However, the price point is good and if you think that shafts are all that matter, this may be a good choice as well.

Callaway golf is really hurting lately because people are moving away from its clubs. Lately, I've seen their woods selling for $1! Of course, you have to buy their driver but still. It's pretty much free.

Nike is a big brand with a huge budget. Tiger also helps develop their clubs so it will be a good choice. It's woods are the most popular among non diehard fans though because real golfers know better