Discount Golf Vacations - How To Plan The Perfect Golf Vacation

By Mick Euan Tait

Discount Golf Vacations - If you are a golfer that really enjoys the game and you want to combine your love of golf with a vacation, then this article will give you some ideas to plan the perfect golf vacation. The initial idea opens up dozens of possibilities for a family trip or a golfing-buddies trip.

Before you jump in the car or plane to start hitting golf balls in the sunshine of a foreign country or even a different state, the potential golf vacationer has to think about what the ideal golf trip will included so that you can plan the perfect discount golf vacations.

As with any vacation, a golf trip plan should include some key elements; estimated cost, how to pay, length of stay, extras and so on. The golfer should consider what family members and friends will do if they are not golfers. A good question to ask: Should we golf at the seashore, in the mountains, or on the links of Scotland?

Some fundamental planning at the beginning should remove any little problems for a better chance of a perfect discount golf vacations. When you start to plan the perfect discount golf vacations it is a good idea to write out some points about an ideal golf trip by dividing the points into separate areas to focus on. Below are a few categories to help you get started:

* Set a general time of the year for the trip (a few months in the future; a year in the future)

* Decide how many days and rounds of golf will be included in the trip (don't overdo it!)

* Decide on a range of prices for the full trip ($1500 to $3500, $4000 to $6000, for example)

* Decide on how many people will be in the group

* Decide on who will go on the trip - non-golfing family members, just golfers, etc.

* Gather some golf trip information from magazines, the library, Web sites etc.

* If you have friends who have been on a golf vacation, ask them if they made their own plans, purchased a golf package vacation, used a travel agent, etc.

One way to plan a golf trip is by making all the arrangements yourself; travel, accommodation, and golf activities.