Discount Golf Clubs: Best Hybrid Golf Clubs To Buy

By Zachary Skinner

Discount Golf Clubs - Hybrid golf clubs were first introduced in the late 1990's but didn't become popular in the United States until recently. Hybrid golf clubs are mainly designed for distance control and accuracy. Hybrid golf clubs are sometimes called utility clubs. The bottom line is that Hybrid Discount Golf Clubs are easier to get up into the air and down the fairway from any place or lie. If you love golf, are mindful of saving money but still want to work on your game then hybrid golf clubs are the best place to start.

An example of a couple of hybrid Discount Clubs that look more like woods are the Callaway Heavenwood, Nike SQ sumo, and the newly released Cobra Baffler. The last two hybrid golf clubs even look similar to actual fairway woods the two companies callaway and cobra currently sell. On the other hand, manufacturers who have made their Hybrid golf clubs look more like a fairway wood have been able to move the weight back a little more since the club is larger. Hybrids combine the best elements of long irons and fairway woods into one club whose goal is to be easier to hit. Because these clubs haven't been around as long as irons or woods, there are few concrete rules when it comes to their design.

Some of the early hybrids were hard to hit and initially golfers didn't take well to them. There are multiple reasons why many recreational golfers struggle with long iron shots and the goal of the hybrid wood is to make it easier for you. The long irons have a relatively small sweetspot compared to other irons, and even more importantly many golfers don't generate enough clubhead speed to to get an adequate "launch angle"for the longer irons. One of the benefits that golfers notice when using the Hybrid Discount Golf Clubs is the amazing ball flight. Custom hybrid golf clubs can especially be beneficial to golfers who are shorter or taller than the average person.

Investing in a set of hybrid clones offer you the very best in club designs while taking advantage of the best technology without the expensive price tag. If you want a top rated hybrid club at a bargain price, then consider the nickent 3DX iron wood ($60) with a graphite shaft. Although not the most common name in golf clubs, nickent has a solid reputation amongst those familiar with hybrid and utility clubs at great discount prices too.