Discount Golf Clubs, Two Different Ways of Buying.

Discount Golf Clubs, is what you want to purchase you have several options. The first would be to purchase well-known brand on sale. The second method would to purchase a clone. So, before you make up your mind on either way, you may want to learn about the differences in the two options and also learn which is the better option.

If you think that buying a clone of the original brand named is an option, then look at the PC market where cloning is very normal. Therefore, the end product will look and play much like the original item. However there may not be many extras available with cloned golf clubs.

A cloned (or simply copy?) club will use the same parts as the original. They are also put together in a similar way to the original brand name product. Some buyers will only follow a certain brand name, hopefully due to quality and not name alone. Nevertheless, A cloned item will make a good club because the price is lower. How long it will last be will be can only be confirmed after the score card has been checked.

If the club does not have any major flaws, then it can be a good buy. You have to balance out any superficial flaws such as surface marks or if the item is in fact as good a quality as the brand name item.

No doubt, you can also get a discount golf club that is not a clone at reduced prices. You will need to still ensure that they do not contain major flaws, that can make the price that you pay is a waste of money. Only when the defect is slight and the price is low, will such a discount club prove to be a bargain buy.

A factor to look closely is if the discount golf club is being sold buy a registered dealer. Not from a person who has possibly just imported cheaper Asian "knock off" designs. This can be sold as just "as good as the original" but with slightly different names: eg Callaway would become "Collaway" and would be at unbelievable low prices.

Many times, the golf club manufactures would offer a discount club when a newer model becomes available on the market. The best way to watch for this is to read and follow magazines and reviews, then look to your local store for the previous model. They may want to move the stock to allow them to have the new model while its featured in the press.

Therefore it comes down to buyer beware with buying a discount golf club. You want to get the best deal possible at the same time the statement "buyer beware" - if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

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