Discount Golf Clubs: Discount Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

By Wayne Hudler Discount Golf Clubs - One thing about golf that I have noticed is the constant advancement in equipment. Technological improvement in club heads, shafts & even grips and the marketing campaigns by the major manufacturers have us in the mood to upgrade our clubs every couple of years. Given the prices of name brand clubs it is difficult, if not impossible, for an ordinary duffer to keep up with the changes. Most of us are playing with a set that we've had for some time.

This is reality. Golf is not an inexpensive pastime. As a result, the average player is often suffering with inferior technology placing them at a disadvantage against others whose equipment is more up to date.

Here is the secret your golf ball already knows. The ball does not care what brand name golf clubs were used during the round or how much they cost. The ball knows the brief moment it spends in contact with the clubface determines the outcome of the shot. The technology in the club helps to make that shot the best it can be, not the brand name on the club. The club does make a difference everything else being the same.

Dooley Duffer, my constant friend and playing partner, found the perfect solution to the problem a couple years back. Dooley found a place online that manufacturers custom fitted Discount Golf Clubs similar to the name brand clubs in quality and technology but at nearly one-third the price. The combination of low prices and superior quality made it possible for Dooley to replace his old set of store bought off-the-shelf Discount Golf Clubs .

The best part about the whole experience was not the price though. The real benefit came from having those clubs custom fitted to Dooley's specifications. This website has a special proprietary system that asks you for some easy to take measurements and then makes the proper club recommendations. Now Dooley no longer had to make set-up and swing adjustments to compensate for the poorly fitted store bought clubs but rather more appropriately he had clubs that were adjusted for him. That makes all the difference in building a repeatable swing.

I noticed that Dooley's ball flight was higher and about a club longer than with his old set. He was now able to hit and hold more greens than before and you know that his scores dropped as a result. Dooley is very pleased of course. And now that a couple of years have passed he has his eye on a new set. He says he wants the technology upgrade but he has second thoughts because he likes his current set so well. Point is that he could upgrade his iron set for a few hundred dollars rather that the $800 or more for name brand unfitted clubs. Now he has the option to choose.

The average duffer would benefit from switching to custom fitted golf clubs just as Dooley did. They are easier and more comfortable to swing properly making the game easier to play and a whole lot more fun. Clone Discount Golf Clubs are similar in technology and performance to name brands at much less the cost. Custom fitted clone golf clubs are the perfect answer for the average golfer who is on a budget.

Would you play better golf with a newer custom fitted set of Discount Golf Clubs? Most likely you would. As you know, the golf ball doesn't care about anything but that split second when it comes into contact with the clubface. Maybe you shouldn't either.