Discount Golf Clubs - Golfing Gift Ideas for Your Golfing Spouse

By David Stargel

Discount Golf Clubs - In today's golf crazy world, the odds are good that your spouse is a golf fanatic. If they are not fanatics, they are probably at least regular golfers who spend a considerable amount of time hitting the links. If you indeed have a spouse who is an avid golfer, you may be interested in finding that perfect golf gift for them. The question is how can you find something that is a little different but is still the ideal golf gift for your spouse. There are many items of discount clubs, golf equipment and accessories that you can consider purchasing for your spouse. Let's take a look at some non-traditional golf gifts that you may not have considered.

Does your spouse play different golf courses frequently? Sometimes golfers like to collect golf balls from the many courses that they have played and keep them in a nice wooden collector's case that they can hang on their wall or on a cabinet in their office. If they already have the golf balls, they might love that collector's box to keep them in. If they already have the box and a collection of golf balls, maybe purchase a round at a nicer golf club in your area that they haven't played.

Maybe your spouse has been talking about taking golf lessons. Consider talking to the golf pro at his/her club and have them put together a package of lessons that includes instruction on the range and "on-course" instruction. Many golfers haven't thought of "on-course" teaching but this can be tremendous fun and help them improve their golf game as well.

A lot of people give golf apparel as a gift so it may seem a little common at first. But have you considered a golf shirt or wind shirt special ordered from a famous golf location? Or maybe give them a very nice rain suit, maybe something in Gore Tex. It may be something they wouldn't buy for themselves. There are many golf apparel choices nowadays from online stores that you couldn't find just a few years ago.

You might not normally consider giving golf clubs since it might seem that your golfer has everything, but what about a set of Discount Golf Clubs as a second set. What, you say? Discount Golf Clubs? A second set of golf clubs? Well consider this, wouldn't your golfer love a second set of clubs identical to their first set that they can leave at the golf club and only have to carry their clubs with them when they visit a different golf course? Spoil them with this unusual golf gift! And you can sometimes find them for a price you wouldn't believe.

If there are some golf clubs that your spouse doesn't have, you now have a large variety of golf e-tailers online and you can find some great bargains on discount golf clubs. Maybe a special wedge they have been wanting, a new design putter, or a fairway wood to replace those golf irons they can't hit, like the 3 or 4 iron. Or possibly they have their eye on some brand new golf training club or gadget.

If you are willing to spend some big bucks for a special anniversary or birthday, consider buying a golf trip to a special golf location. They may be dying to play at Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, or maybe even St Andrews. You might even want to go along and enjoy the travel and scenery, or ride along in the golf cart. Or you can pick a golf destination that is very close to one of your favorite pursuits.

One golf gift that your spouse may not expect from you is a subscription to a second golf magazine or to the Golf Channel if they don't have that. Most times they wouldn't expect you to encourage them to spend more time watching or reading about golf. But look at it this way, you can give them a golf gift that they love and keep them at home a little more!