Discount Golf Clubs: Top 4 Options For Cheap Golf Clubs

Top 4 Options For Discount Golf Clubs. Most people don't want to spend any more than is necessary on clubs, so if you are looking for golf clubs, you will find the top 4 options below. Of course there is always eBay, where you can find golf clubs, but I am not so sure about buying golf clubs from an unknown buyer with no guarantee of the golf clubs condition.

Maybe you are a seasoned pro at buying from eBay, so you could check them out, but I have prepared a resume of the top 7 golf equipment online stores that have good discount rates everyday. It is normal that online golf stores can proffer great rates compared to off-line stores, but first you have to decide on which types of clubs are for you; below are my top 4 options.

First we have the option of buying new clubs from the top name brand club manufacturers; TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, or Nike (for example.) Of course, these are not the cheapest clubs that you can buy, but for those that really want clubs from the top brands can still save some money by buying online.

The latest top brand name clubs are very expensive but there is the option of buying the previous model with a great discount golf drivers price. Let's take an example with the Nike drivers; the Nike SQ Sumo Squared 5900 driver is sold for more than $400 but the previous version, the Nike SQ Sumo Squared 460 driver is sold for only $200 or less. You will find these golf clubs for sale and at closeout price at online golf stores.

The second of our options for discount golf clubs is to check out some of the second tier brands. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the top and the second tier brands, as the second tier brand of yesterday is the top brand name of today. But as an example, let's say that the second tier brands include Tour Edge, Bridgestone, Hippo, Mizuno, Adams Golf, Nickent, Maxfli, and G.R.I.P. There are many more of these good quality yet cheap clubs and you can see more examples of them at TGW and InTheHole.

G.R.I.P. is worth a look as for discount golf clubs they are less well known that the others. When it comes to discount irons, for the money, playability, innovation, and custom fitting options, G.R.I.P. is at the top of my list. These discount golf clubs are designed exclusively for the beginner or recreational golfer as they are so forgiving and easy to play; they bring the fun back into golf - you will only find these clubs at the G.R.I.P. official site.

As a better option than eBay, the third option is to buy preowned golf clubs. You can find two trustworthy online stores that sell the best preowned golf clubs - 3Balls and GlobalGolf. These companies both offer you clubs that have been cleaned, inspected, accurately rated, have grip replacements (when necessary), and at times come with a new headcover. You also get the security of a warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Consider the fourth option on my list - cheap clones. Although there are several clone manufacturers, the one that stands out from the rest is Pinemeadow Golf. The make the best high quality custom built clubs that are comparable in performance and features to the top brands but cost a fraction of the price. Ping, TaylorMade, Cleveland, Callaway, and Odyssey are a few of the top brands that they clone.

Maybe there are more, but these are my top four options when checking out discount golf clubs. Look for the best clubs discount prices with either of these four choices and you can't go wrong. The four are top brand name clubs for sale and at closeout prices, cheaper second tier club brands, the great value of preowned clubs, or the quality of cheap club clones.