Clone Golf Clubs Vs Brand Name Golf Clubs

By Keith Sears

Quality knock off or clone golf clubs are used by golfers and don't cost an arm and a leg. Yet you don't want to become a catcher's mitt for cheap junk when you instead can own top quality clone golf clubs.

So, how do golf clone hybrids differ from ordinary name brand clubs? Basically, quality clone clubs are made out of the exact same materials. The only thing that is missing is the name stamp such as Titleist, Nike, Callaway, Ping, etc.

Hybrid clone clubs use the same manufacturing process as name brand clubs. Usually, there are more variations for selection with hybrids and custom tweaks that may be lacking with a name brand.

In substance, the choice of many professional players is a specialty built club. Take fishing poles, for instance. While none are the same in color and a looks, you will find the same performance characteristics and features found in name brands in knock offs.

Quality Clone Golf Clubs employ the same know-how and virtuosity as brand names. Use the same materials. They buy their grip supply for the same manufacturers, buy their shafts from the same source, put the same ingredients into the clubface as the brand names do.

With the same effectiveness at a lesser cost, the clone is a clear winner pricewise. Brand names need to charge more because of extensive advertising and facility costs.

In a nutshell, when you buy direct from a clone manufacturer online, you eliminate the markup charge a mall store middleman will charge. You'll get a hi-tech product that you can customize to your exact specs at a discount price.

You will want to match your level of play to your golf club as well as your individual characteristics and body type. Every possible small adjustment to your clone club is available be if for a putter, wedge, fairway wood or irons but without the markup or advertising bluster.