Clone golf Clubs And Clone Hybrids Vs Discount Golf Brand Names

By Paul Drucker

Clone Golf Clubs - Golf heads are made in a variety of shapes and weights. Club makers can use most shapes and weights without violating another company's rights. Quality clone golf clubs offer the same performance at a bargain price.

So, how do golf clone hybrids differ from ordinary name brand clubs? Basically, quality clone clubs are made out of the exact same materials. The only thing that is missing is the name stamp such as Titleist, Nike, Callaway, Ping, etc.

We find the hybrid club or clone golf clubs , if it is quality made, is equally made as professional brand name club. Often we get equal or greater selection buying factory direct clone clubs and receive custom tweaks that may not be offered by a brand.

Fundamentally speaking, many pros favor custom specialty build clubs. It gives them the exact characteristic tweak they want to employ on the course. The difference between knockoffs and brand names is the same as hamburgers franchises. Some independent hamburger joints serve an even better burgers than the brand names and they allow you to tweak them.

Clone clubs are made from essentially the same materials as brand name clubs. They use the same shaft supplies, grip suppliers, the heads are made from the same materials and sold by the same suppliers that the brand clubs use.

With equal efficiency and functioning, clone clubs provide the better value. Because of sky-high advertising and marketing costs as well as brick and mortar overhead, the brand names need to charge more.

To sum it up, going to a mall store to buy a club will cost even more because of middleman markups compared to buying online. Knowing the equipment side of the golf game will save you a large amount of money and allow you to get the same hi-tech product at a bargain price.

You will want to match your level of play to your golf club as well as your individual characteristics and body type. Every possible small adjustment to your clone club is available be if for a putter, wedge, fairway wood or irons but without the markup or advertising bluster.