Cheap Golf Clubs There are 4 Choices

If you are looking for cheap golf clubs, then read on, because I am going to tell you about the top 4 options that are available. Most people think of eBay when they are searching for cheap golf clubs but I am not a fan of buying golf clubs from a nameless person who is selling clubs of an unknown condition.

If you want to go the eBay route, then go for it, but I want to show you the top 7 golf equipment stores online that offer everyday golf club discount rates. There are several options for searching for the best golf clubs discount online but it all depends on what type of golf clubs you are looking for; here are my top 4 options for cheap golf clubs.

The first option for many golfers is to buy new clubs from the top golf manufacturers, like Nike, TaylorMade, Ping, or Callaway. Obviously these are not cheap golf clubs but you can still find some great deals if you know where to look.

Now, the latest golf clubs from these manufacturers are normally very expensive, but you can get a fantastic golf clubs discount if you are willing to buy last season's models. For example, if you want to buy the new Nike SQ Sumo Squared 5900 driver, it will cost you over $400. On the other hand, if you go for the Nike SQ Sumo Squared 460 driver which was a hit last year, you will only pay $200 or even less. At online golf stores like ScoreLow and TGW, you can find these cheap golf clubs for sale and sometimes at closeout prices.

Option number two is selecting a decent second tier brand name golf club. Although there is some debate as to what is considered a top name and a second tier name golf company, let's say that some second tier brands are Maxfli, Adams Golf, Bridgestone, Hippo, Mizuno, Nickent, Tour Edge, and G.R.I.P. These are quite cheap golf clubs but of very good quality and you can see them at InTheHole or at TGW.

The golf club manufacturer, G.R.I.P., is one that you may not have heard about but they are worth a closer look. To say these are cheap golf clubs is an understatement when you see all the innovative design features, playability, and custom fitting options that you are getting. I have to admit that these are my favorite clubs due to their dedication to design clubs specifically for the recreational or beginner golfer. They have all the specifications that make them easier to play with, more forgiving of mistakes, and lastly they bring the fun into golf that is missing for many struggling with their game. These clubs can only be found at G.R.I.P.'s official website.

The third option, and a better bet than eBay, is to buy preowned golf clubs. There are two excellent online golf stores that can be trusted to sell you the best preowned golf clubs; GlobalGolf and 3Balls. Both companies accurately grade and rate their clubs then they are cleaned, inspected, come with a new grip if necessary, and sometimes with a new headcover. You also get a warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Option number four that is worth considering is golf clubs clones. There is one golf club clone manufacturer that stands out from the rest; Pinemeadow Golf. The have extremely high quality custom made golf clubs that measure up to the features and performance of the best clubs but at fraction of the price. A few of the brand names that they emulate are TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, Ping, and Odyssey putters.

These are my top 4 options when you are looking for preowned golf clubs. For the best golf clubs discount price, you can't go wrong with any of these options. You could choose from the top brands of golf clubs for sale or with closeout prices, discount golf clubs from the second tier manufacturers, preowned golf clubs, or the highest quality golf club clones.