Jamaica Golf Vacations: How to Choose the Perfect Resort

By Tony Hagar

Do you want to plan a Jamaica Golf Vacations? If so, you may soon start making your travel arrangements. Before deciding on a hotel or resort, there are a number of factors you will first want to take into consideration.

Onsite golf course. On the island of Jamaica, you will find a number of resorts with onsite golf courses. You should closely examine these resorts. Why? Because they can save you both time and money. When you are able to golf onsite, your travel time and expenses are significantly reduced.

All-inclusive resorts. In addition to Jamaica resorts with onsite golf courses, you are urged to examine all-inclusive or even super-inclusive resorts. These resorts come highly rated and recommended. Why? Because they include the cost of most of your trip. At an all-inclusive resort, it is common to find food, drinks, tips, and some forms of entertainment included.

Free green fees. As previously stated, all-inclusive and super-inclusive resorts should be examined. In addition to your food, drinks, and tips, you may find green fees included in the cost of your stay. Golf courses in popular vacation destinations, such as Jamaica, are nice, but they can get expensive. You can save a considerable amount of money when your green fees are free or already included in the cost of your stay, as you may have received a discount.

Low rental costs. If you are traveling to Jamaica for the sole purpose of golfing, you may bring your own golf clubs and balls with you. If not, you will need to rent this equipment. First, it is important to choose a Jamaica Golf Vacations resort that has rentals available. Next, look for affordable equipment rental fees.

Golf cart rentals. In keeping with equipment, you may want to rent a golf cart. Typically, this is not included in the cost of your stay. Although extra, you should find affordable rates. You may even receive a discount if golfing on the resort you stay at. The good news is that on many Jamaica Golf Vacations resorts, the use of a golf cart is optional.

Available caddies. At home, you may be content with carrying your own golf bag, but remember that you are on Jamaica Golf Vacations . That is why a golf caddie is recommended. In fact, some resorts require them. Although required, it is not uncommon for you to be responsible for caddie fees. This fee may include a traditional usage fee or simply just a tip. If payment is required, look for affordable options.

Distance between other courses. If your Jamaica vacation is a week or more, you may wish to golf on other courses to reduce boredom. If so, look for Jamaica Golf Vacations resorts and golf courses that are in close proximities. For example, there is a 9-hole course at Grand Lido Braco Resort and an 18-hole course at Breezes Runaway Bay. These resorts are fifteen minutes apart and, when a guest, free transfer is provided. This can reduce your travel time and expenses, allowing for more time on the green.

Your traveling party. Are you traveling to Jamaica with a group of friends for the sole purpose of golf? If so, your resort choice should be based solely on golf. On the other hand, if your Jamaica golf vacation doubles as a family vacation, it is important to take your traveling party into consideration. If traveling with small children, look for Jamaica resorts that not only have onsite golf courses, but possibly scheduled events for children, swimming pools, playgrounds, or indoor game rooms.

Costs. Since most Jamaica Golf Vacations resorts that have onsite golf courses are classified as all-inclusive or super-inclusive resorts, the overall cost of your stay will seem quite high. With that said, it is important to dissect your Jamaica travel package. If the cost of room, food, drinks, tips, and green fees are included, you will pay more. With that said, you will get more in return. You can easily examine individual components of your travel package to ensure you are getting the best deal. In fact, you may even see that you are rewarded with discounts.

To start planning your next Jamaica golf vacation, visit SuperClubs.com. When doing so, keep green fees, equipment rental costs, caddie fees, location, your traveling party, and travel package costs in mind. This will allow you to find the resort that is the perfect fit for your next trip.