Golf Bags Don't Pay Top Prices

By Sarfaraz Khan

Golf Bags - Golf is an expensive sport. By the time you've bought clubs and clothing and paid your green fees, there might not be that much left over for the rest of your equipment. A bag for golf is one item that you can make great savings on if you look in the right places.

Why do get discounted?

If you're shopping for a bag bargain, you need to be aware of the difference between cheap and discounted:

Cheap Golf Bag

A cheap bag is likely to be made of poorer quality materials and may not be as durable or long-lasting as other models. It will probably have fewer features like pockets or a hood, and you really will just get what you pay for. Don't be deceived by the low prices of some. If they haven't been discounted, then you could be buying a poor investment that will fall apart within the year.

Dodgy Discounted

Watch out for dodgy discounts. These might look like a bag bargain on the surface, but there may be defects or damage to the product. If you are shopping in a store, ask to see the actual bag you will be buying (not just the display model) and give it a thorough going over. If you're buying online, ask as many questions of the seller as you can to determine why it has such a good discount.

Genuine Discounted Bags

The good news is that many golf retailers are now offering fantastic discounts on their golf bags . The best bargains are to be had online, where you will find stores cutting prices because they themselves have low overheads, or because they deal direct with the manufacturer. These are likely to be genuine discounts, meaning you can get high-quality bags for the price of a lower-standard model.

Shop Smart for Bag Discounts

As well as finding online bargains, it is worth knowing how the manufacturers operate in terms of bringing out new lines and selling off old ones. Get your timing right and you could be walking away with a top-of-the-range at a mid-range price.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new ranges, as this most likely means that the old range will be sold off in discount stores. Many golf shops will include these older models in their summer and winter sales, so make sure you are first in at opening time to bag the best golf bag bargains.

Sure, golf equipment can be pricey. But if you become a savvy shopper you can kit yourself out with branded, top-quality gear - and invest.