Electric Golf Trolleys - Inspire Confidence and Conserve Energy

By Sarfaraz Khan

Electric Golf Trolleys - With recent manufacturing developments the days of pushing or pulling a golf trolley or carrying your entire set of golf clubs for 18-holes could be over. Electric trolleys or carts have been in existence for over 10 years now - historically, favoured by female and senior golfers an electric trolley is no longer considered to be a luxury item of golf equipment.

As an amateur player the benefits of using an electric trolley are well documented - important energy reserves can be maintained so that more attention can be focused on the strategic aspect of the game.

The Confidence Stow-a-Matic electric trolley for example uses a powerful 24th battery to transport an entire set of golf clubs and accessories from tee to green - allowing the player to walk between holes whilst maintaining a good posture. A complete set of golf clubs and accessories can weigh up to 20kilograms - an electric trolley reduces the risk of damage to important muscles in the back and neck - allowing the player to concentrate on improving their swing.

The addition of an electric trolley can also decrease the time between holes allowing you to cover the golf course faster and reducing the waiting time between tees.

Manufacturers have reacted to the growing demand by increasing supply which has lead to falling prices - the electric trolley is no longer a luxury commodity, but considered to be an essential addition to a golfer's arsenal.

In most places electric golf trolleys are fairly common and are almost the norm. These days you hardly ever see people walking the course, pulling on their traditional trolleys filled with golf accessories. However, over the years as golf has gained increasing popularity, now more and more people play golf. These electric golf trolleys are relatively fast and help to cover the course faster, thereby substantially reducing the wait time on the tee.

The additional benefit of maintaining balance and body symmetry throughout the game can also be attributed to using an electric trolley; pulling a fully laden golf trolley can strain muscles which can affect a player's overall performance. Golf requires players to pay attention to the finest of details, throughout the game in addition to a high level of fitness and stamina.

Unless you can afford the services of a golf caddy or an electric golf buggy - electric golf trolleys can help you to keep your game above par and to outperform the competition through saving valuable energy used on walking the entire course and carrying or pulling your golf equipment along.

Thanks to manufacturers like Confidence Golf - the Stow-a-Matic electric golf trolley can be purchased from pound 149.99. The patented foldaway design allows the entire trolley to be stored conveniently in transport whilst its lightweight aluminium frame is straightforward to assemble in under a minute. All controls for speed and power can be accessed at the touch of a fingertip.

The success of the Stow-a-Matic has lead to the introduction of a titanium GT model for 2009.