Discount Golf Equipment - How to Save Money on Golf Equipment and More

By Dee Power

Discount Golf Equipment - What most golfers don't know about saving money and enjoying the game more. It's as simple as this: Golfers can save money on golf and still play their beloved game.

Too many of us end up paying full retail price for clubs at a pro shop when great deals on the same equipment are available online. Or we cheerfully pay the posted greens fee when with a little Internet research we can find discount golf equipment as much as 50% to play at terrific courses all over the world. Then there's the double mistake we make on a golf vacation: first we overpay for the hotel room and then compound the error by paying too much for golf.

A vast universe of savings for golfers is right there at our desktop computer. All we have to do is know how and where to look. Besides opening our eyes to savings, we can become much more educated golfing consumers. We can discover discount travel packages to some of the top golfing resort areas in the world, including South Carolina, Florida or Arizona. It is definitely possible to play the courses you've always dreamed up and not have to take a second mortgage out on your house. And you don't have to limit ourselves to golf in the United States. On the Internet we can learn, for example, that it's possible to book a golfing cruise? Yes, you can golf on your Caribbean vacation! Or how about visiting great courses in Spain or the Mediterranean and still staying within budget. You can.

There are so many choices to save money on equipment that it's almost mind boggling. Besides discount golf equipment retailers of brand name clubs, you can buy direct-from-the-manufacturer "clone" clubs that are nearly the same quality as the famous name clubs for a fraction of the price. You can visit auction sites and name your own price for the equipment you want to buy. You can sell your old clubs online and turn around and bid on new ones! It's even possible to have demo clubs delivered directly to your door, try them for 5 days and decide if you want to make a purchase. If you don't, just send the demo clubs back with no further obligation.

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe our passion for golf comes with a hefty price tag. With the Internet as our ally, that is not the case anymore. We can spend less, play more rounds of golf and have more fun.