Discount Golf Equipment and Golf Accessory - Play by the Book

By David Potts

Discount Golf Equipment - So you have every golf accessory out there and your home is full to bursting with golf equipment - but have you read the book?

Golf equipment - is a book the ultimate golf accessory?

What do you buy the golfer who has everything? If he has every single item of golf equipment ever produced and every golf accessory ever made? Well, a book might be just the thing. The fact is it doesn't matter how much golf equipment you have stacked up in your garage or whether you have the latest gadgets and accessories, if you don't have the right technique.

Some of the best professional golfers who have ever lived have written training manuals and guides on how to play the best game of golf. If you're having trouble getting your drive right, it can certainly help if you have the right golf equipment but you need the know-how too - and a book on technique might be the perfect accessory or maybe you can save money with a discount golf equipment .

Tiger's golf equipment and accessories

But if you Google, 'golf books' you can loose the wood for the trees. So how do you know which book to choose? If you are a keen golfer, you will have all the right golf equipment and every golf accessory going, but when it comes to choosing who to learn the game from which pro do you go for? The obvious choice would be Tiger Woods. Tiger is the world's number one, who has his own range of golf equipment and golf accessories. He's set to be the game's first billionaire - who wouldn't want to play like a Tiger?

How Tiger handles his golf equipment

How I play Golf by Tiger Woods is perhaps the best place to start. You don't just want to know how to play physically - golf is a mental game, and Tiger Woods is renowned for his mental strength. Reading how Tiger handles his golf equipment in his own words is the best golf accessory you could own. The book is full of awesome tips such as the right golf equipment to use for certain shots and the best golf accessories you should invest in. But more than that - he tells you about technique, such as practicing putting with his left eye closed so he can't see the target line in his peripheral vision - this makes it easier to keep his eyes looking straight down - who'd have thought?

Caddying golf equipment

The golf caddy probably knows every golf accessory available to mankind - they spend their careers hunting out the right golf equipment for the world's best players. Caddies at the top of the league don't just carry the golf equipment or lug about golf accessories - they are the golfer's coach, therapist and friend. So who better to learn about the game from?

Golf at the Top with Steve Williams: Tips and Techniques from the Caddy to Raymond Floyd, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods is the ultimate golf accessory if you want to learn more about making the most of your discount golf equipment. This book promises to help improve your game and lower your scores, including a full mind-training regimen so you can be calm and confident when you pick up your golf clubs